13 hours down.


Made it to Taiwan after the 13 hour flight. Longest plane ride I have ever been on but it went by suprisingly fast. Had a couple of okay meals. I had asked for the vegetarian option prior to boarding because I heard the mystery meat on China Air wasn’t too great. After eating I watched a couple of movies (Boyhood and The Holiday) and then I passed out. I actually get a decent amount of sleep, when I woke up there was only three hours left. Woop! Also met a girl from Victoria on the plane which is awesome helped each other out through the Taipei airport. Oh and Kirsten was at the airport in Vancouver at the same time as I was.Such a treat seeing her. Safe travels to Australia Kirsten! Just waiting to board my last flight. 5 more hours! xo

PS, thanks Lia for the ride to the ferries!:)

image image image image

13 hours down.

2 thoughts on “13 hours down.

  1. laurenburkitt says:

    Amazing! Ahh this is so exciting, I feel like I’m reading a book and I don’t want to wait to read the next chapter. Woo-hoo!!


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