I’ve been in Uluwatu since I arrived in Bali. I love it. Every beach here is just amazing, white sand, blue water, white cliffs. Ah I love it. I think my favorite beach I’ve been to here is Uluwatu beach. It is the first one I went to when I got here and it was sort of love at first sight.

While I’ve been in Ulu I’ve mostly been exploring the beaches which is a-okay with me. I’ve stayed at two homestays here. The Gong which was 200,00rp ($20.00USD) and Jepun Bali Homestay for 150,000rp ($15.00USD). I like the price of Jepun Bali and the fact that it’s a little closer to the beaches but I think I preferred The Gong. The Gong was a bit more welcoming, it had a pool, and their food was really good. I also met Julie and her boyfriend there and they were awesome and totally took me under their wing. Uluwatu is pretty spread out and I haven’t found it super easy to meet people here but the people I have met have been amazing and have opened me up to a bunch of opportunities that I might not have had if they didn’t come along.

One thing that’s been on my mind like crazy is riding a scooter. I’ve been so nervous and I don’t know why. I’ve done it before but for some reason it’s been hard to do it here. The girl at my homestay tried to show me and I didn’t do it, a guy I met tried to get me to ride his twice and I didn’t do that either. But… Today was the day! I did it! I actually road a scooter and it was so, so fun! I road it to Padang Padang beach then scooted around town afterwards. I just want to scoot all day everyday.

Scooter rides to Bukit peninsula view points, amazing sunsets, fun ocean swims, new friends, bintangs, and awesome people. Uluwatu you’ve been swell.

Ps, my craving for pizza is killing me. I want a slice of pizza from the Joint so bad. I’d pay top dollar to have one shipped to me.

Bukit sunset


Bukit sunset




Today’s sick ride


Padang Padang



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