Canggu and Ulu.

I am in love with Bali, I don’t ever want to leave. I am starting to get more comfortable here and have definitely been putting myself in situations that I would not have done back home. Such a good learning experience.

So, I arrived to Canggu the other day and met up with my friend jesmond. I must say, I’m not a huge fan of Canggu. It is much busier, the beaches aren’t as nice, and it just doesn’t have the same atmosphere that I was used to seeing the past week.

Met a really cool girl from Vancouver through Jesmond and she had run into her cousin here as well so there is now a little crew of Canadian girls. All 3 of us sort of have the same plans so we are going to share accommodation and venture around together. A couple days ago about 8 of us mobbed up to Uluwatu on scooters and it was awesome. I drove and doubled a girl on the back, which was a bit hectic but also kind of fun. We went to Padang Padang, Ulu’s, and then watched the sunset and had dinner at Balangan beach which was so nice (I will post photos below). After our beach adventures we had to mission back home in the dark which was kind of sketchy especially the long dirt road out of Balangan that has cows and so many dogs roaming around. We all made it back a-okay with a few close calls. Such a good day though.

The next day Jesmond and I headed back to Uluwatu, this time I drove myself and just followed him the way there. I just wanted to get one last run in at the beaches since I might not be back to Uluwatu until the end of my trip if I even do. We made it there so fast and it was super fun bombing around by myself on the scoot. I had a nice visit with a guy I met near the beginning of my trip from England, watched the sunset from my favorite spot, ate some tasty food, and watched the first storm that Bali has seen in awhile. I had to get back to Seminyak all on my own after visiting with Joe which I was super nervous about but he helped me figure it out and I only got lost a few times. Scootering back on my own was probably one of the scariest things I’ve done. Was totally out of my element, the streets were pretty busy, and I wasn’t 100% sure where I was going. But I’m so glad I did it and kind of proud of myself for putting myself in that situation. It was a good learning experience for my directionally challenged self. Was sad to say bye to Joe, he showed me around big time and we had a lot of fun exploring Ulu, super happy to have met him! We shall see how our bet turns out.

I am back in Seminyak and am so exhausted. There’s a big group of us travelling to Ubud tonight around midnight to hike up Mt. Batur for sunrise. Super excited but I definitely need a good nap before we head off. The hike will cost us 400,000Rp ($40.00) which includes the round trip drive, breakfast, and two tour guides. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Anyways, I am happy to have met some really cool people and am feeling stoked on life! I’m off for a nap before our sunrise hike.


Joe and I. Bukit sunsets are my fave.

Bukit sunsets with Joe.


New friends.


The crew on our scooter day.


Balangan sunset.


Canggu and Ulu.

3 thoughts on “Canggu and Ulu.

  1. Lia says:

    It’s for sure a great learning curve to experience being out of your element and amazing to discover what you’re capable of. You’re stronger than you think! So proud of you coco! Ps- you and Joe are HOT together….. -L


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