Balangan and Gili T

Balangan Beach

After our hike and spending a night in Seminyak Caylene, Emma, and I decided to get a driver to Uluwatu/Balangan to go hang with the boys (Jesmond, Dre, and Andrew) and hit up the Single Fin party. It was a bit of a mission the find where the boys were staying in Balangan, they were staying at the Balangan Garden Bungalows which was pretty much in the middle of no where. The boys referred to it as “The Garden”, I referred to it as “The Baron Wasteland” – so dry and dessert like. We attempted to go to the Single Fin party that night but it was insanely busy and was just so hot and crammed with people. Don’t worry though, we had a back up plan. Pool party at the ol’ Garden. Was actually a really fun night, played in the pool for ages then cruised to Dreamland beach for some night time swimming. Still concurring my fear of big waves here in Bali, and I’m getting there guys.

“You don’t even say that”

The next morning we were all feeling a bit rough and Caylene, Emma, and I were en route to Gili T island just off the coast of Bali. We all hopped on “The Struggle Bus” and began our long journey. Our journey began in Jimbaran where we were picked up by our driver and eventually our bus stopped at Padangbai where we hopped on our boat. Let me tell you, the bus ride to Padangbai was fun at first, we were all jamming out to Bob Marley and such but after what felt like five hours we were pretty over it. So hot on that stupid “Struggle Bus”, so hot.

Getting off the boat and arriving to Gili T was perfect, such a lovely little island. Even though it’s know as the party island out of the three (there’s also Gili Air and Gili Meno) it was just what I needed. When you first get off the boat you are swarmed by people offering accommodation, we played it cool and tried walking through but we didn’t have accommodation for the night so we decided to see what some of the people had to offer. After humming and hawing over a few we followed a man and he showed us a couple of places and we totally lucked out. We ended up staying at one of my favorite places I’ve stayed at this whole trip, it’s called Kupu Kupu (which means butterfly) and it’s pretty amazing. Kupu Kupu is very cozy, but also bright and fun, and it was a steal of a deal (300,000 per night) ($30.00USD) so only $10.00 per night for each of us. Has A/C, breakfast included, and is super clean! We love Kupu Kupu!

Gili T is like nothing I’ve ever seen. There are no vehicles here so to get around you either ride a bike or get a horse and carriage. I’ve noticed that the people here are super friendly and everyone seems to be in a good mood. We have mostly just spent time venturing around the island and discovering what it has to offer (amazing beaches, diving, snorkeling, the tastiest gelato, and lovely people).

Today we planned a snorkeling trip which was so great. Our boat picked us up here on Gili T at 10:30. We started our first snorkel just off Gili T where we swam with sea turtles (I almost touched it) and it was amazing. Second stop was off the island of Gili Air which was a coral reef snorkel, third stop was near Gili Meno where we got to feed a bunch of different fish , and the fourth stop was an old ship wreak. My favorite was the sea turtles by far, the ship wreak would have been cool but the water was so dark and the boat was really deep so you couldn’t see it very well.

Oh and, while we had a lunch break on Gili Air Emma and I had a nice little chat with a guy from Lombok, we was the best. His name was Mowgli and he helped me transform into a Balinese girl by putting flowers in my hair and rice on my forehead!

Gili Trawangan is an awesome little island, I really like it here, and today was a great day! So much sun and snorkeling though, I am ready for bed!

I also haven’t been feeling very well for the last few days and I definitely find myself missing home when I don’t feel well. My bed, tea, and my roots sweatpants would be a real treat right now.


Balangan and Gili T

One thought on “Balangan and Gili T

  1. Lia says:

    Enjoyed this read coco! I can just hear your voice! Xxxxxx ps- I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you met a human named Mowglie. Real disappointing.


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