First real day in Bali.

Woke up at 5am this morning. Jet leg is in full effect. I laid in my bed kind of bummed out, being in a foreign country like this all alone is super overwhelming. I chatted with some friends who made me feel much better about everything and I snapped out of it and went for breakfast.

This mornings breakfast was my first go at Indonesian food. And it was so good. I ordered a fruit salad for 10,000rp (1.00 USD) and a cinnamon and apple pancake for 25,000rp (2.50USD). After breakfast I decided to trek to Uluwatu beach. My first attempt was a huge fail as I went the wrong way. I realized I didn’t really know where I was going anymore so I turned around came back to the guesthouse and decided to lounge and swim in the pool. After chatting with some people here I figured out where I needed to go to get to Ulu beach and headed out for trek nĂºmero two. I was going to rent a scooter but I’m still too nervous (I think tomorrow will be the day I do though).

Finding Uluwatu beach was the best thing that could have happened to me today. It’s amazing. Crystal clear blue water, caves, huge waves. I threw my sarong down and posted up camp to watch some unbelievable surfers and take in probably the most beautiful beach I’ve seen so far. I felt myself getting burnt and decided it was time to head back.

I had met a couple from Montreal earlier in the day who have been in Indo for two months now. They are awesome. Julie and Lukey Luke. Anyways, we chatted while I was poolside today and they invited me to come to the Uluwatu temple to watch a fire dance and the sunset. The fire dance was really neat, had never seen anything like it. After the dance and the trek home I went and grabbed some dinner at Ulu Reso. I had Gado Gado, SO good and so much food. Rice peanut sauce, boiled veggies, and, tofu and it was 30,000 (3.00USD). Thinking about how little food you get back home for $3.00 blows my mind.

Anyways, back in bed now. Today was awesome. And I’m feeling so much better about being here on my own now. I think I’m moving to a different guesthouse tomorrow.

Bye! xx



First attempt at Uluwatu beach


Second attempt. Ulu in all its glory.


Uluwatu temple.


Sunset fire dance.


First real day in Bali.

13 hours down.


Made it to Taiwan after the 13 hour flight. Longest plane ride I have ever been on but it went by suprisingly fast. Had a couple of okay meals. I had asked for the vegetarian option prior to boarding because I heard the mystery meat on China Air wasn’t too great. After eating I watched a couple of movies (Boyhood and The Holiday) and then I passed out. I actually get a decent amount of sleep, when I woke up there was only three hours left. Woop! Also met a girl from Victoria on the plane which is awesome helped each other out through the Taipei airport. Oh and Kirsten was at the airport in Vancouver at the same time as I was.Such a treat seeing her. Safe travels to Australia Kirsten! Just waiting to board my last flight. 5 more hours! xo

PS, thanks Lia for the ride to the ferries!:)

image image image image

13 hours down.