New Zealand

Long time no write, again. I decided to go to New Zealand from Bali which was super last minute. Joe (who I had met in Bali) was there and suggested I come meet him. I have wanted to go to NZ for ages and this seemed like the perfect time to go.

I flew from Denpasar, Bali to Sydney, Australia then from Sydney I landed in Auckland, NZ where I was greeted by Joe at the airport. I feel bad because I didn’t expect to see him there and I was so out of it and tired, was happy to see him though!

First thoughts on New Zealand; very similar to Canada, super clean, so green, and the people were extremely kind!

We spent the first few nights in Auckland at a hostel called Base. Being in Auckland was the first time I felt homesick, their city really reminded me of Victoria and I hadn’t really seen any Christmas decorations or anything until I got there. Auckland was a cool city though, pretty small but super clean and there were some cool shops. Joe and his friend Tom who I was also traveling with were buying a car in the city so we could start our road trip. The picked up the purple Mitsubishi Lagnum and we were on the road to explore the North Island of NZ. Before hitting the road we had to pick up a bunch of camping supplies, the boys bought tents, air beds, cooking gear, and we all bought pillows, sleeping bags, and some snacks to get us started.

Our first stop on the North Island was a town called Piha. Was a small town where the boys did a bit of surfing and we did our first free camp near the beach. After Piha we were off to Raglan which was one of my favorite places we stopped. It’s like a glorified Tofino. The water in Raglan was so blue and the trees and wildlife were so green, so lovely. The boys were hoping for a surf there but unfortunately there were no waves. That’s okay, we explored the town and had a fun night out.

To be honest the rest of the stops on the North Island are a bit of a blur. We had some hits and some misses for sure though. Oh, and the car broke down so we were stuck in a town called Waikato ( I think) for a few days, was nice to just chill and relax though as it felt like we were running around like crazy until then. While we were in Waikato we did the Tongario Alpine Crossing hike/walk. 19km of walking and hiking around an active volcano. We didn’t have the best weather for this adventure it was super foggy and started raining on our way down. It was still so cool though, and it totally killed us we were so beat after and were sore for a couple days. I’m really glad we did that trek though.

The next town we went to we got to do some dark water rafting through caves that were lit up by glow worms. This was also super fun. We got kitted up in the thickest wetsuits, jackets, boots, and strapped our helmets on. I was kind of nervous because I am pretty claustrophobic but I decided to continue facing my fears. The water was FREEZING but it was so worth it to float down rivers in caves, looking up at the tops of the caves was amazing, looked like you were staring at stars but it was just hundreds of glow worms.

I spent a lot of time in the back seat of the car gazing out the window at the beautiful scenery. Also had some good laughs with the boys, I think they think I am the biggest idiot (which I am) haha.

We didn’t do too much more on the North Island mostly just explored and did our camping – but we were soon off to the South Island which I was super stoked about. I really wish I had more time to explore the South Island because I was in love with the small part of the island that I was able to explore. I only had 3 days on the South Island because I had to be in Queenstown to catch my flight on the 17th. Queenstown was amazing though, reminded me of a miniature Whistler! I for sure want to go back and explore of the South Island.

This blog post seems all over the place mostly because I think I wanted to just enjoy my last couple weeks of traveling which I definitely did. Camping with some amazing guys from the UK in some of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand was a perfect way to end it all. So happy to have met Joe in Indo and to have explored NZ with him and Tom! So many tears were shed saying goodbye to the two of them and sitting in the airport reminiscing on how amazing this whole trip has been!



Landing in Auckland, NZ


Raglan, NZ


The gang on our hike!


Had to throw this one in. Tom caught me in my natural element (eating all the food scraps) haha they really got to know the real me.


My backseat view


One of our free campsites where we were attacked by insane flies.


Some beach laughs


This was my seat in the car.


My last night in NZ. Campsite was on point.



My airport home.


Back in the sky. Currently in Melbourne, AUS. Two more stops (Bali and Taipei) and I’ll be back home.

New Zealand



Well, we wrapped up our time on Gili T by “biking” around the island, wasn’t much of a bike ride though. You can probably bike around half of the island and the other half you have to push your bike through sand, was cool to see what the other side of the island had to offer, I definitely preferred the side we were staying on (beaches were better, had everything we needed). By the fourth day on Gili T we were ready to leave and had seen all that we needed to see.

Oh, I forgot to mention we went to a “Dark Moon” party, since Gili T was known for their party we thought we should check it out. Let’s just say we stayed up til 5am biking around, and the next day was a bit rough. Thanks for the good times Gili!

Off to Lombok we go!

Lombok was amazing. Very different than Bali. Even though we were all so tired and pretty hungover on our drive into Lombok we were still in complete awe of the island’s beauty. We were surrounded by luscious green rain forests, there were monkeys running all over the place, and the mountains.. Oh the mountains. Was such a beautiful drive.

We were heading to our destination which was Kuta, Lombok – about a two hour drive from the port into town. We didn’t have any accommodation booked so we were just going to trust our driver to show us some places when we got into town. Once we were in Kuta we stopped at the first stop our driver suggested but we weren’t too stoked on it so it was onto the next. It was the second place that sold us. From the outside it looked like the biggest dump, but then you walk through the construction and holy moly you’re in for a real treat. First thing you see is a lovely pool and it’s filled with a bunch of surfer babes, sign us up please. Our home in Lombok was called Kuta Mara, was a lovely place minus our bathroom which smelled like nothing I ever want to smell again.

Our time in Lombok was filled with exploring. We rented scooters and rode to a beach called Gerupuk where Emma and I tried surfing. Surfing in Lombok was so much fun, was probably the most fun I’ve ever had surfing (not that I do it too much) but you know what I mean. To get out to the wave that we were going to surf we had to catch this little wooden boat, you arrive at the wave, throw your board in and start paddling.. Was pretty cool. Emma and I had a real hoot out there though, however we were pretty big kooks. At one point I was up on a wave and looked to my left only to see topless Emma laying on her board riding the white wash yelling my name and waving to say “hello!” Oh man, so funny needless to say, so happy to went on that adventure.

Another day in Lombok, Caylene, Emma, and I rented scooters and explored the area around us. We went to a few beaches and did a bit of off roading. A dirtbike would have been a bit better for this adventure but we made do with our scooters.

Lombok was a hoot but Bali was calling our name again and off to Ubud we went!

Up next, Ubud!

PS, for some reason my photos won’t upload on here. Sorry!